Jobs Opening In Serco Dubai Metro - serco dubai careers 2017

Jobs Opening In Serco Dubai Metro - serco dubai careers 2017

Serco Group plc is a British government services company based in Hook, Hampshire. You’re probably familiar with some of Serco’s global activities and the enormous scale of our business. But did you know that we’ve been active in the Middle East for over 60 years? We first started to deliver air traffic control services in Bahrain in 1947 and today we’re still providing aeronautical services at seven of the Middle East’s leading international airports. But the scope of our work goes much further than that.Through International Aeradio (Emirates) LLC, based in the UAE, and Aeradio Technical Services in Bahrain. we also offer state-of-the-art technological solutions in telecoms, aeronautical systems, enforcement systems and marine electronics.

Jobs opening in Serco Dubai metro. Its a driver less and fully automated metro train railway network as well as all stations are fully air conditioner with platform edge door in Dubai which known as city of heart of the United Arab Emirates.

Serco Jobs available in Dubai

Air Traffic Control Officer - Approach - Dubai
Air Traffic Control Officer - Tower - Dubai
Kitchen Technician
Finance Manager - Shared Services & Projects
Female Cleaner
IT Network Support Engineer
Track Technician
Senior HR Advisor - Subject to Contract Award
Team Leader Development Training
Head of Safety Assurance - IFS 1
Car Park Attendant
Procurement Assistant (6 months contract)
ATC Technician
Track Cleaning Technician
IT/AV Technician
Operations Manager
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